Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

An enriching and educational Experience for the whole family

Meet Vincent van Gogh is the touring, immersive Experience for the whole family, introducing visitors to the world of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Founded on the Van Gogh Museum’s world leading Van Gogh collection and expertise, the Experience combines the experiential with the educational. Vincent’s words, from his letters and other archival material, lead visitors through the exhibition. Each scene in the Experience focuses on a key turning point or moment in Vincent’s life, and offers visitors many ways to engage – through hands-on interaction, contemplation, investigation and play. Each area is designed as an interactive theater, breaking down traditional boundaries between audience and exhibition, encouraging visitors to feel as if they are stepping into paintings to become performers in the scenes.


  • The story of Van Gogh is not only about an exceptional artist, but also about identity, self-discovery, talent development, friendship and perseverance
  • Children’s trail – a fun scavenger hunt through the Experience, that educates young visitors on Van Gogh’s work and life
  • Two different audio guides, one for children and one for teens and adults
  • Special tours for school groups
  • Two sets of children’s books (ages 4-8 and 12+) available in different languages

Learning in the 21st century

In the 21st century, children learn not only at school, but also in many other places. In Meet Vincent van Gogh students will discover how Vincent’s life and work are still a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. Students travel with him along a number of places that played an important part in his career as an artist: Nuenen in the Netherlands, and Paris, Arles, Saint-Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise in France. They join the ‘The Potato Eaters’ at their table, hang back in the haystack of ‘The Harvest’ and make a selfie in Vincent’s famous bedroom. His life story is told in his own words and those of the people around him. The story of a man who didn’t give up on his dreams, a story which goes further than death to inspire and engage people of all ages from all cultures.

“I keep on making what I can’t do yet in order to learn to be able to do it.”

Vincent van Gogh to his friend Anthon van Rappard, August 1885


It is our mission to spread Vincent’s story around the world and educate people, old and young, about the life and works of this outstanding artist. The Department of Education of the Van Gogh Museum continuously develops educational content for children in various age groups and on various school levels, and shares these materials with schools and educators for free. For more information, visit Van Gogh at School.